Martin Garrix opens up about his experience performing in clubs while underage

As the reigning world’s number one DJ according to the DJ Mag poll, Martin Garrix has certainly had a career filled with success. He shot to fame in 2013 when his production ‘Animals‘ became a worldwide hit, taking the planet by storm. It wasn’t long before he was being invited to perform at some of the worlds most esteemed dance music festivals, where he won over an increasing amount of fans through his energetic live sets. Before long, he became a headliner, growing in popularity year by year.

At the age of 20, however, Martin Garrix is technically underage to enter a club in the USA, where he performs regularly. Recently, he opened up to BBC Radio 1 about his experiences performing at Omnia in Las Vegas, and their strict policy regarding his age. He revealed that he is only allowed entry into the club at the beginning of his set, and is forced to leave as soon as his set finishes. The club also makes sure to remove all alcohol in the vicinity of Martin Garrix during his performance, to ensure that the law is not broken. Although in the USA the minimum age for drinking is 21, in his home country The Netherlands, the minimum age for drinking is 18, meaning that his experiences are completely different playing in the two countries.

“They start my intro and then I’m allowed to get in the club. They escort me with security and clear the entire DJ booth and the surrounding VIP tables from alcohol. I’m not allowed to be close to alcohol. As my last song is playing they kick me out of the club.” – Martin Garrix

H/T: DJ Mag

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