Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix releases behind-the-scenes footage for ‘Scared to Be Lonely’ music video

Unveiling the process behind creating the music video for his latest single, Martin Garrix recently uploaded a behind-the-scenes video for his collaboration with Dua Lipa titled “Scared to Be Lonely”.

The behind-the-scenes compilation showcases the various locations and sets that were used, from hilltops to forests as well as some secluded buildings. Additionally, the video revealed how some of the footage was shot, including the use of drones for particular scenes.

Describing the meaning behind the music video and how it relates to Martin Garrix’s track, director and writer Blake Claridge stated:

 “It’s just kind of portraying these little moments where, if you’re in doubt of staying in a relationship, or leaving a relationship, it’s just these little flirting moments that you get before and after. What I’d like to do is that when someone sees this video, they’ll see it as something slightly different and hopefully appreciate the music in a different way.”

Since its release on January 27, “Scared to Be Lonely”, which features the vocals of English singer and songwriter Dua Lipa, has seen nothing but success especially with the amount of attention its music video has received. The music video has accumulated over 38 million views thus far and the track itself has been climbing up the ranks of the music charts in many different countries across the globe.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage for “Scared to Be Lonely” below and you can download the track from iTunes here.