Martin Garrix wins Edison Pop Award for Best Song

Martin Garrix recently added another prestigious award under his already impressive résumé. For his 2016 hit titled “In the Name of Love” featuring American singer Bebe Rexha, the 20-year-old Dutch producer won the Edison Pop Award for ‘Best Song’.

The Edison Pop Awards is annually held in The Netherlands and presents awards for outstanding artists and musical work. Since 1960, the Edison Pop Awards stands as one of the oldest music awards in the world, only a year younger than the Grammy Awards.

Thus, Garrix takes another big slice of cake by winning his second Edison Pop Award so far in his illustrious career. His latest award for ‘Best Song’ follows up his ‘Best Dance’ award for his tracks “Animals”, “Wizard”, and “Error 404” back in 2014.

For his massive 2016 single “In the Name of Love”, Garrix receives another major achievement for his renowned future bass production. The track has not only topped numerous music charts across the globe, it has also earned several platinum awards from countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Reacting to his recent Edison Pop Award, Garrix had an interview with Music Choice and you can the video below.