Powly – You Should Know

Powly has been catching many people’s attention with his uplifting and blissful deep house sounds since breaking through the dance music scene. Returning with another brilliant record, the up-and-coming producer has recently released his brand new track titled “You Should Know“.

Hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, Powly has been flying high toward greater prominence with his impressive array of releases. His musical style is nonetheless remarkable and has seen nothing but support from listeners from across the globe.

Having tracks such as “Better Place” and “In My Dreams”, Powly’s discography is certainly not to be ignored. With the huge amount of praise that his music has received thus far, it would be far from surprising if Powly claims the spotlight he rightfully deserves in 2017.

To kick off the year with a bang, Powly released his latest production called “You Should Know”, coming off the success of his single titled “Hold You Close”. Consisting of his signature deep house elements, this track is quite captivating to hear from beginning to end.

“You Should Know” features an impeccable blend of its astonishing melodies and striking vocals. Especially when the climatic sequence ensues, which delivers a unique chord progression topped with a pulsating beat, the energy is brought out seamlessly throughout the track, alongside the positive vibes Powly is becoming renowned for.

“You Should Know” is now available for a free download here.