Premiere: CMC$ – Won’t Let You Go

Following up his recent single called “Keys”, CMC$ has returned with another astonishing release titled “Won’t Let You Go”.

See Me Counting Stacks, or most notably known as CMC$, has quickly become one of the dance music scene’s biggest producers. This Dutch artist has achieved tremendous success with his outstanding array of music productions. From his first single “Wake Up Call” to his official remixes for the likes of Major Lazer, Firebeatz, and Chocolate Puma, CMC$’ portfolio has been nothing short of remarkable.

In 2016, CMC$ rose into greater prominence with his major collaboration with Canadian duo DVBBS on “Not Going Home”. This record clearly shifted the momentum toward the Amsterdam native’s side upon entering the new year and his impressive streak continues with the release of his elegant track “Won’t Let You Go”.

Featuring some striking vocals and mesmerizing chords, CMC$’ latest single provides a pleasing auditory experience from the first beat to the last. The track maintains a consistent flow of energy, especially when the massive basslines drop, and perfectly mixes its instrumentals and vocals together. Overall, CMC$ displays his undeniable talents once again, this time, in the form of “Won’t Let You Go”.

The track is now available via Spinnin’ Records and you can download/stream it right now.

Additionally, We Rave You had the opportunity to chat with CMC$ about his brand new track and his goals for 2017. Check out the full interview below.

Your collaboration with DVBBS titled “Not Going Home” was a huge success and catapulted your name into higher ranks. How did this collaboration happen? Did they approach you or was it the other way around?

“My manager connected me with DVBBS and set up the link. They liked my tracks and wanted to work on tunes together. From there on we did a studio Session to create Not Going Home.”

“Won’t Let You Go” marks another solo production of yours. What do you expect from this track and what does it mean to you?

“I made this track already back in 2015! Love the track ever since I made it. Always played it in all my live sets as well. Just didn’t ever release it, so thought it was time to let the beast out! Here it is!”

Tell us something about the creation process of “Won’t Let You Go”. Do you usually start with already existing vocals and build the track around, or is it the other way around?

“My writers already made this vocal and I did the production around it. Pitched the vocal and there it was! This resulted in Won’t Let You Go!”

Do you set yourself large goals? If so, what would be one for 2017?

“Yes! Like to put high standards to myself. My ultimate goal is to have my solo tracks in the hit parades, Spotify Worldwide top 100, Radio AA playlists and to play at the biggest festivals worldwide.”

Many of your tracks consist lyrics or at least a vocal collaborator. How do you decide if someone is suitable for a collaboration? Is there something you’re looking out specifically for when looking out for a vocalist?

“I try to make people happy with my music! So every time they hear my tracks, they think, ‘Hey, let’s put this one on repeat for days’. It doesn’t really matter who’s the Vocalist, it just needs to be catchy, so the song stay in people their mind. So I’m open for everything if it’s good and catchy!”

What can we expect from you in 2017? Where do you see yourself by the end of the year?

“Well let’s try to get that global Top 100 hit!”