Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 196 Guestmix – Throttle

Bringing the hottest tracks and the future hits every week, Spinnin’ Records return with their Spinnin’ Sessions setup to give us a sneak peak into upcoming releases and current chart-toppers. This week they showcase the incredible talents of Throttle, a producer who has gone from strength to strength over the last number of years, having recently achieved the astonishing feat of having his track ‘Together‘ featured in Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The Australian native first burst on to the scene through his breakthrough remix of Avicii’s ‘You Make Me‘, and since then has been catching the attention of both mainstream and house music fans alike, with his distinctive sound and increasingly catchy tracks.

The 196th edition of Spinnin’ Session features music from Two Friends, Florian Picasso, Will Sparks and Redondo, whilst the Talent Pool release of the week is Hunkaar’s single ‘Chemicals‘ – a track which caught Spinnin’s attention after pipping fellow demo-submitters to the top of the chart and making him the latest up and coming artist to get his music on the revered label. Whilst equally impressive is this week’s Spotify track, a spine-tingling vocal production entitled ‘Believe‘ by Mida.

With the regular air-time catching on, heads turn to our this week’s guest mix from Throttle. As we could not let this opportunity pass us by so easily, we made sure to catch up with the rising star to gain some insight into who he is as an artist, what his musical style entails, and who is dream collaborators are. Also on topic this week were future releases and his relationship with labels, with lots of insights for aspiring producers. In conversation, below:

Artists usually identify with a particular style of production. What is your musical style? 

Dirty disco.

After your collaborations with Oliver Heldens, Lunchmoney Lewis and Aston Merrygold, who do you desire to work with next?

The list goes on and on! In the dance world, I love Galantis and A-Trak. Outside EDM, Justin Timberlake has always been a dream collaboration but that one’s going to take a while.

The impact of Spinnin’ Records is a well-documented occurrence. How has joining its artist roster assisted your career and opportunities?

I’ve really benefited from the predominantly ‘EDM’ following that Spinnin has. Joining their family has opened up my music to a whole new audience, which obviously helps on a touring level too, bringing in bigger show opportunities. It’s brought me closer to a lot of the artists at Spinnin too. Heldens obviously, but guys like Sam Feldt, Don Diablo etc as well who I love.

Fans have been wondering if your remix for Avicii’s “City Lights” will ever going to bereleased. Could you clarify for us whether it will be? 

Ah I wish! I love that remix but City Lights never got released as a single so they decided not to put the remix out. I actually put up a link on my twitter sometime around Christmas if you need it though…

In recent interview with us, we asked Oliver Heldens who he’s tipping for a big breakthrough year in 2017, he mentioned you describing your performance during his Tomorrowland set in which you played live instruments on stage. Do you feel that 2017 is going to be your year?

Oh, he’s too kind! You never know, but I’m pumped for this year. Last year was massive for me – I started touring for the first time ever and had my first big single with Money Maker. But in saying that I didn’t get out nearly as much music as I wanted to. This year the touring’s going to be equally as crazy but I’m really focusing on putting out as much content as I can. It’s all starting with the new single, “Hit The Road Jack” which I’m stoked for!

With dance music as a whole as large as it’s ever been, what are your views on the impact and prospects your generation has had to date?

It’s crazy to think just how commercialised dance music has become in the last few years. When I first got into dance music, David Guetta had just put out One Love, which epitomised how powerful dance music could be. I think people forgot how much guys like Guetta, SHM and Calvin Harris did in bringing dance music to the masses. Now that it’s in the spotlight, it’s up to me and the rest of my generation to keep making dope sh*t.

More than 3 years ago you released your renowned remix for Avicii’s “You Make Me” and the rest is history. Could you describe your journey so far? Did you expect to reach the point you are at right now? Were there any struggles or disappointments?

It’s been an absolute roller coaster. I was still in school when the Avicii remix dropped, so concentrating on school was understandably tough at times with so much hype around the remix. I came out of school ready to take on music full time but honestly with no idea how things would turn out. Everyone wants to be as big as Tiesto but it’s a mighty journey to get there and I’m still only at the start of mine. Looking back on where I was at the end of high school, I’m not sure where I expected to be in 2017, but I’m beyond stoked with where things are at and what’s coming. I certainly never thought I’d be performing on the X-Factor or have Hillary Clinton using my music in her presidential campaign. Like I said, it’s a roller-coaster, and I’m enjoying the ride!

To top the last question, what are your hopes and goals for your next releases, both commercially and artistically?

Commercially, it’s always tough to say. I try not to have any commercial expectations as far as charting etc and just let my records do their thing. Every song find it’s right place eventually. Artistically, I’m just having fun right now. Working on everything from my own disco influenced stuff to some straight pop productions. But for certain, I’ll be putting out a tonne of music in 2017.

Where do you see your sound expanding and evolving to next?

I’m working on such a diverse range of stuff right now but I’m really getting into some of the more underground house stuff at the moment. We’ll see what happens!