Premiere: Vigiland – Let’s Escape (Lucky Charmes Remix)

Vigiland’s “Let’s Escape” released a few months ago, has taken on a second life through a huge number of unofficial remixes it has generated. The most recent name, delivering an official one, is no one else than Dutch producer Lucky Charmes.

Lucky Charmes is an elusive remixer, but his mint for quality in that particular department is seldom topped. Having recently proffered the key-laden “How We Do”, alongside AWIIN and a stunning remix for Galantis’ “No Money”, the revered Dutch producer strikes up his A-game for his spin on Vigiland’s out-of-the-box production “Let’s Escape”.

Mixing and mashing his own styles on the original’s unique vocals, Lucky Charmes hits the nail right on the head with his powerful and energetic work on the drop with the attention grabbing melody which sticks out most of all, leaving the listener wanting for more of it. While calling no bests from the lot, this surely has to be one of the top remixes of the first part of the year.

Featuring some spine-tingling melodic progressions and ravishing synths, this remix surely delivers an incredible auditory experience from start to finish. For his version, Lucky Charmes also seamlessly mixes the original vocals alongside his captivating instrumentals, which would be capable of pleasing an entire crowd in a club or festival environment of any magnitude.

Overall, this merge between pop elements and future house styles is an absolute treat to hear, proving Lucky Charmes’ creativity and versatility in producing music once again.


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