Simon Rivera – Fight for Destroy / Spirit / Industrial Waves EP

Simon Rivera is another one of Italy’s brightest upcoming talents who is clearly geared for tremendous success in the future. Proving his ground as a versatile and skillful producer, Rivera recently released his first-ever extended play titled ‘Fight for DestroySpirit / Industrial Waves EP‘.

Prior to this three-track collection, the Udine native caught the attention of several renowned artists such as Sunstars, Luca Testa, and MorganJ. Rivera gained heavy support for his brilliant productions, including his mashup of Vicetone’s “United We Dance” and Taio Cruz’ “Hangover” and his bootleg of Luca Testa and MorganJ’s “People Are You Ready”.

After displaying his incredible talents with these tracks, Rivera released three consecutive originals that formed his debut EP, which consists of “Fight for Destroy”, “Spirit”, and “Industrial Waves”. With their electrifying progressive house sounds, these three records are certainly capable of taking on a crowd of any size at a major festival or venue.

“Fight for Destroy” delivers the rave atmosphere right through the listener’s doors with its mesmerizing acid house elements and deafening basslines. The track’s synth progression surely captivates the audience and bridges the two climatic sequences together.

“Spirit” keeps the energy at a high level with its earth-shattering beat and scintillating chords. Especially when the drop hits, this record could instantly pump up any massive sea of people. Lastly, “Industrial Waves” concludes this EP with a bang as it features a flurry of catchy melodies and oscillating synths.

Overall, with its invigorating sounds and top-notch production quality, Simon Rivera’s EP is truly a must-hear for any dance music enthusiast. You can download/stream the EP here.