Tiësto & Hardwell’s iconic “Zero 76” turns 6 today

When two of the most respected names in the industry join forces to create a track, you know it’s going to make its mark. The iconic brainchild of Tiesto and Hardwell, both massively accomplished names who require absolutely no introduction, titled ‘Zero 76’, celebrates its 6th birthday today. Being a track that pioneered the rise of mainroom dance music and gave birth to one of the biggest genres in the world, bigroom house, there is no question about the effects this track has had on the modern-day dance music culture.

‘Zero 76’ was briefly revived in 2014 when Hardwell & Tiesto opened their back-to-back set at Tomorrowland that year with the track. Accompanied with a brilliant remix from German duo Twoloud, ‘Zero 76’ became one of the highlights once again.

The track features an unforgettable lead melody and the driving, energetic electro-infused drop customary to its time.

Bring back some nostalgia with the classic “‘Zero 76’ music”, as Hardwell fondly likes to call it.