Tiësto and Paul van Dyk are the most travelled musicians of all time

Tiësto and Paul van Dyk are officially the most travelled artists of all-time thanks to their rigorous touring schedules. According to a study conducted by TravelBird, the iconic Trance legends are on top of a 36 man list that includes the likes of Metallica, Rollingstones and more. Tiesto and Paul have been touring since 1994 and 1990 respectively, and given the rise of electronic music over the years coupled with their cult following, the figures make perfect sense.

Tiësto has travelled over 1.5 million miles which is apparently 6.52 times the distance to the moon and Paul van Dyk has gathered 1.4 million miles under his belt. Paul is only slightly behind Thijs and that’s despite the fact his injury at last year’s ASOT forced him to stop touring for an extended period.

In comparison to our electronic music artists, Snoop Dogg has only travelled 866 thousand miles and the Rolling Stones a little over a million. You can check out the full list and analysis on TravelBird here.

These are not the only records the trance legends hold. Paul van Dyk and Tiesto (together with Armin van Buuren) have played the 9th largest concert crowd ever, where 1.4 million people attended their Art of Love show in 2010. Van Dyk also grabbed the 5th spot on the same list when he played the Love Parade show in 2008, gathering a crowd of 1.6 million people.

H/T: DJ Mag