Tindaro & Jim Cash – Masai

Tindaro & Jim Cash recently made a huge splash by signing with the Italy-based record label Art&Music Recording. Through the imprint, the upcoming Swiss duo released their debut single titled “Masai”.

Tindaro & Jim Cash have both been on a rapid incline ever since they have stepped foot in this industry. Prior to dropping their first-ever solo production, these two artists released some remixes, including their own renditions of Vicetone’s “Nothing Stopping Me”, Jacky Greco’s “Silhouettes”, and most recently, Quintino and Cheat Codes’ single called “Can’t Fight It” on Spinnin’ Records.

To release their original track, Tindaro & Jim Cash took their talents to the newly invented Art & Music Recording, which just moved toward a new direction to release all of its club tracks as free downloads. Known for spotlighting some of the dance music scene’s brightest producers, Art & Music Recording displays Tindaro & Jim Cash’s abilities to create high-quality music in the form of “Masai”.

Right off the bat, the hard-hitting basslines and the groovy beat strongly send out a vast amount of energy. Especially when the massive electro house drop enters, the track effectively provides the audience with a club or festival atmosphere regardless of location. A mesmerizing melodic breakdown also bridges the two climatic sequences together and perfectly pieces the puzzle upon completing this overall banger of a tune.

“Masai” is now available on Art&Music Recording and you can download a copy here.