W3PLAY – In My Mind

If there is currently any upcoming producer worth spotlighting, it would be the young and talented W3PLAY. Recently displaying his talents to the world, the Montreal native released a brand new track titled “In My Mind”.

W3PLAY possesses a dynamic and creative production style of music, fusing together electronic sounds with analogue. Being a music enthusiast growing up, he has composed songs with various genres from rock and metal to hip-hop. With the massive expansion of electronic music, W3PLAY began experimenting with various sub-genres such as dubstep, house, and future bass, while still keeping his signature rock and alternative elements.

W3PLAY’s style is also unique in a sense that his compositions can tell stories and bring out certain types of emotions. Bringing a cinematic feel, W3PLAY’s tracks certainly provide a one-of-a-kind experience and vibe to the audience.

Opening up with a striking bass riff sequence, W3PLAY’s brand new track titled “In My Mind” immediately captures the listener’s attention. Alongside some lively vocals, the introduction transitions into the hard-hitting drop that delivers a flurry of devastating dubstep and future bass sounds. The second half of the track features the more cinematic element that W3PLAY is trying to convey. With an astounding combination of mesmerizing vocals and chords, this progression is quite riveting to hear and perfectly concludes this unparalleled production from W3PLAY.

“In My Mind” is now available for a free download here and you can check out its official music video below.