Watch: Skrillex reunites with his old band ‘From First To Last’

You might have guessed that Skrillex’s first official music project would be somewhere in the electronic music genre, but this is not the case. Skrillex began his music career with post hardcore band ‘From First To Last‘ where he provided the vocals. Due to immense strain on his vocal cords, many operations were needed to put things right and so Skrillex decided to put an end to his contribution to the band. Little did he know that this move would change his lifestyle completely…

Skrillex has reunited with the band for the first time in eleven years to come together and release a brand new track, entitled ‘Make War’. They performed the song live at ‘Emo Night’ in Los Angeles. Could this be the start of a full reunion tour? Only time will tell. Its definitely good to see him go back to his roots as this shows he has hasn’t forgotten about them, would be sad to see him only work for people such as Justin Bieber.

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Watch some of From First To Last’s performance in the video below and let us know what you think!