Ananya Birla – Livin’ The Life (Afrojack Remix)

You may not be familiar with Ananya Birla as she released her debut single ‘Livin’ The Life’ only last year, which was when she launched her music career. So far that has been her only single in the music industry and it has already been remixed by Dutch legendary DJ and Producer Afrojack. Ananya Birla has been more famous for her work within the entrepreneurial industry having founded Svatantra Microfinance at the young age of 17 which has now gained over 600 employees and as a result, has had a numerous amount of awards awarded to the business. During her studies at the prestigious Oxford University, she had a huge passion for music and so in her spare time, decided to sing and play the guitar at various pubs and clubs.

The original ‘Livin’ The Life’ song was co-written by Ananya Birla herself and producer Jim Beanz, who has worked on songs for popstars such as Cheryl Cole, Demi Lovato and Nelly Furtado. However, ‘Livin’ The Life’ gained the attention of Afrojack, who chose to put his own spin onto the track.  He adds a sweet and smooth chord progression to create a nice verse at the beginning before building up to a drop which has a futuristic sounding melody and a nice flowing bass line. All of this brings out Ananya’s vocals in an ‘EDM style’ excellently.

Check it out now in the link below: