Armin van Buuren visits Junkie XL in the studio

Armin van Buuren recently took a trip to meet veteran film music composer, Junkie XL. JXL or Tom Holkenborg is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, DJ and audio engineer. He is the man behind popular movies, Deadpool and Mad Max‘s film scores.

Two world’s clashed as the Dutchman got together in JXL’s studio in the Netherlands. Entering into a musicians’s paradise, Armin van Buuren was shocked as he saw took a look around the studio, even proclaiming Junkie XL’s studio was better than his own. The room is filled with a variety of synthesizers, both analog and digital; it seems Tom is a true gear Junkie. The two then sat down and had a nice conversation on different aspects revolving around music and the industry.

Junkie XL spoke a bit about all the gear lying around in his studio and Armin gave an insight into how he manages to remain creative in dance music. The conversation really goes into different directions and is a must watch for any music fan.

Watch the full talk below.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut