Beatdrop Box App about to revolutionize the dance market

We live in a time where record labels, minor and major ones, are getting flooded by demos from upcoming producers or artists, who just want to put out their music and be discovered. With the overwhelming activity of music streaming platforms, independent record labels, a large number of unreleased music and an intense competition among emerging DJ’s and producers, more and more quality tracks simply get ignored. Moreover, upcoming musicians often have a hard time reaching the label they want, and even if they do, they often receive feedback saying their track is not suitable for the particular label.

Let’s face it, somewhere between a spike in dance music on the European airwaves and the domestication of polished “new genres” within the global charts, the agenda for accessible, chart-primed electronic music has become a bit of a flat affair. The enthusiasm was there, but something lacked in the songwriting that allowed the more practiced genres to succeed and inevitably made the dance market feel limp. As as result, upcoming producers face difficult questions such as “Where do I send my demo?”,”How do I send it in order to make an A&R listen to it?” or simply, “What kind of music do I send?”.  Well, Dutch entrepreneurs Richard Koolen and Tobias van der Avort answer all of the producer’s compelling questions with a simple, yet revolutionary mobile app called “Beatdrop Box“.

Beatdrop Box functions very simply. The app automatically sends demos to labels and A&R managers around the world within your specific genre! It allows you to chose between more than 250 different dance genres in order to reach the most suitable labels for your track. Beatdrop Box uses a huge database with over 800 labels worldwide, making it the world’s first mobile app to offer a direct link between producers and A&R managers. The more frequent a track gets listened to and favored in the app, the more likely it is that labels recognize it. Once registered, labels are able to contact you directly through the app and give feedback on your tracks.

Richard Koolen came up with the idea of the app at his place of work while talking to upcoming artists and witnessing the struggle they face on a daily basis:

“As a hairdresser I frequently get young people in the salon trying to get ahead as a DJ. I wanted to build my own app for quite a while. With Tobias van der Avort I found the right partner.”

Being a producer himself, Van der Avort adds that an app like Beatdrop Box is perfectly designed for artists who have a hard time reaching out to bigger labels:

“The app is built for people like me. Think of this: around the world, there are over two million DJ/bedroom producers who are producing tracks. One million in the States and one million outside the States. To surface as an artist with your music is a very long shot.”

The special thing about Beatdrop Box is that it is not only an effective tool to reach favored record labels, it also serves as a music platform, where unreleased music can be listened to and unknown artists can be discovered. In fact, sending your demo to labels has never been easier. Koolen says:

“There are demo drop websites. But they are exactly that: websites. And they are collapsing under their own weight these days. They don’t help producers surface anymore. With an app, you can enjoy your favorite music in the train, in the bus. You can listen anywhere you go. And tracks you favorite stay in your favorites. It is kind of a huge jukebox with new and unpublished music.”

Since its launch on February 1st, the app was downloaded more than 5000 times, with demos being submitted every single day! The best thing is, Beatdrop Boxes is still available for free in the Google Play Store. Being an absolute game changer in the dance music industry, you can download the app right here – and maybe, get discovered sooner as you thought.

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