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The Bloody Beetroots make major 2017 comeback

We’ve waited 2 long years to make this announcement, but it’s finally happening. The Bloody Beetroots, the eccentric one-man project headed by the mysterious Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, has been rebooted for a highly anticipated 2017 comeback. The Italian DJ and producer had announced earlier in 2015 that The Bloody Beetroots project was temporarily coming to a hiatus, and was going to be touring under the alias SBCR. The SBCR project released one EP on Dim Mak and shortly went on tour thereafter.

In an earlier interview with Magnetic Mag, Rifo explains the real reason behind the rebrand.

“Stepping back to the DJ set as The Bloody Beetroots was kind of a shame, so I decided to do SBCR to preserve such a great project. This gives me the opportunity to create music and make experiments without any expectation, and even to try challenging myself with new skills, to produce something that I’ve never produced before.”

Fans can finally rejoice however, at the return of The Bloody Beetroots is official. Announced via the official Facebook page, Sir Cornelius Bob Rifo confirms that indeed, new music is “COMING VERY SOON”.

The Bloody Beetroots 2017

Hello! I'm Back! B.

Posted by The Bloody Beetroots on Tuesday, March 14, 2017