Daft Punk’s groundbreaking Essential Mix turns 20

The long running BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix has produced some truly spectacular moments over the years. From Eric Prydz’s mind bending 2013 effort to Paul Oakenfold’s 1994 Goa Mix, the platform is a true celebration of the absolute best in electronic music, and one of the all time great mixes has just turned 20 years old. 1997’s mix from Daft Punk.

Rewind the clock 20 years and two frenchmen by the name of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo had just released their debut album entitled Homework. The critically acclaimed album was a mix of some of the finest house and techno tracks ever made, and is still heavily influential on the underground scene today. About a month or two after Homework dropped, the group were asked onto the famed Essential Mix decks and the mix they produced is still one of the finest to this day. The mix skilfully glided through some of the best house, techno and disco tracks and included a number of Daft Punk’s greatest cuts such as Teachers and Rock n’ Roll. An absolute masterclass is track selection and mixing, the 2 hour journey sounds just as fresh today as it did this time 20 years ago.

You can find the full mix below: