DaHool vs Jebu – Meet Her At The Love Parade

An instant classic just received a modern makeover from one of the most prominent upcoming artists in the scene – Jebu. Delivering his personal rework of DaHool‘s legendary ‘Meet Her At The Love Parade‘ for free on Kryder‘s Kryteria White Label, the young Australian talent showcases to the world what he is capable of once again.

The unmistakable chords of ‘Meet Her At The Love Parade’ reign down on a jacking tech house beat to create a one-in-all banger designed from the ground up to smash any dancefloor it hits. A personal favorite of Kryder himself, the rework has been resident in nearly all of his live sets, as well as making appearances on Kryteria Radio.

This is not Jebu’s first step onto the scene either, being a firm favorite of dance music moguls Steve AngelloAlesso, and countless others. With a slew of releases behind his belt such as ‘Noxu’, ‘Consequences’, and his latest solo ‘Propeller’, Jebu is set upon a path of destroying every stage he meets with his brilliant production style and sound design genius.

Grab your copy of the Jebu rework of ‘Meet Her At The Love Parade’ via SoundCloud on Kryteria White Label here.