deadmau5 treats fans to inside look at Cube 2.1 and new tour

Everyone’s favorite genius producer/Twitter troll Deadmau5 treated fans to a behind-the-scenes look at Cube 2.1, the DJ booth he’s designed and had built for his current “Lots of Shows in a Row” tour. As gifted with technological design as he is with music production, Deadmau5 uses software to conceptualize and execute his staging. He shared several photos on Instagram of the set-up, including one look at his view from the booth. It looks like Mr. Zimmerman will be using a massive touch screen, in addition to a complicated array of synthesizers and mixers. The Cube apparatus isn’t just a DJ booth, it’s also a projection screen with movable parts.

Deadmau5 seems pretty excited with the results, captioning one post with “It’s so perfect.” Another belied some fear on his part of relying on so much technological working in sync. Rather than the self-descriptive “Lots of Shows in a Row” tour name, he joked the tour should really be called “oh f*** please let all this tech work.” Deadmau5’s tour started last night in New York City. He is promoting his latest album, W:/2016Album/, released last year.

The tour launch last night was well-received by fans, who delighted in the extravagant technology of Cube 2.1. Deadmau5, for all his bitter geekiness, was in unusually high spirits on social media last night. Fans were quick to console him for some technical glitches with the new set-up, but he took it all in stride. On twitter, he expressed his relief at how minor the problems were:

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A view from a cube.

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