Deorro announces debut studio album ‘Good Evening’

After over a decade of rising toward the higher ranks of the industry, Deorro has finally announced his debut studio album. Titled ‘Good Evening’, this 24-track album is set to be released in full on March 31 on Ultra Music.

Featuring an intro and multiple interludes, ‘Good Evening’ is a complete album that possesses an eclectic selection of genres and influences. From progressive house to funky bass and from dubstep to future house, this release nonetheless displays the versatility Deorro has honed throughout his illustrious career.

While the album consists of past releases such as “Goin Up” and “Butt Naked”, it still presents a fair share of new music. The Mexican-American producer also recently dropped the album’s lead single called “Rise and Shine”, which is a clear candidate to be one of festival season’s major anthems with its earth-shattering electro sounds.

Deorro’s career has seen nothing but success especially with his list of accomplishments from winning an EMPO Award for Best Latin American DJ to launching his own label Panda Funk. After establishing himself as one of the most renowned names in the business, Deorro is bound to have his biggest year to date with the release of what is likely to be one of 2017’s finest electronic music albums.

‘Good Evening’ will be released on March 31 via Ultra Music and you can pre-order it here. Check out the tracklist for ‘Good Evening’ and the album’s lead single “Rise and Shine” below.

  1. Good To See You (Intro)
  2. Guide Me
  3. If You Go First (Interlude)
  4. Turn Back Time
  5. Steady Rise (Interlude)
  6. Goin Up
  7. Miss You (Interlude)
  8. Find A Way
  9. Prove It (Interlude)
  10. Butt Naked
  11. Colorblind
  12. Feeling Pretty Good
  13. Hands Up
  14. Drumline (Interlude)
  15. Bomba
  16. Reality (Interlude)
  17. Tell Me Lies
  18. Honest Man
  19. Me, Myself and I (Interlude)
  20. Rise and Shine
  21. Sometimes (Interlude)
  22. Let It Go
  23. Lady
  24. Pause