Carl Cox

DJ Mag announces 2017’s top 100 clubs

DJ Mag announced its Top 100 clubs yesterday, with a detailed ranking of the world’s best dance music venues. Of course, Ibiza dominated the list, with the top-spot crown going to the legendary Space, home of Carl Cox’ celebrated residency. All good things come to an end, and so Space sadly closed at the end of the 2016 summer season. However, topping the list this year was no accolade for its history, for it held the top spot from last year’s list too. London’s equally-legendary club Fabric faced the same fate as Space, but an aggressive social media campaign rescued the club from closing down. Now it’s at number two on the list. Rounding out the top five are Brazil’s Green Valley, Zouk Singapore, and Octagon, also in Asia.

American fans will note it is not a Las Vegas club that ranks highest, but Echostage in Washington, DC. However, Las Vegas has multiple entries on the list—multi-million dollar investments in sonic technology make this unsurprising. From the impeccably clear acoustics of Marquee, to the almost Cirque de Soleil quality of newcomer Omnia, Las Vegas is America’s unmatched clubbing destination. The list also notes the rise of up-and-coming destinations in Croatia, including Papaya in the top 10. The UK is synonymous with club culture and several entries from London and even the unlikely Bristol appear on the list.

It’s no surprise Ibiza dominated the ranking. House music itself emerged from the minority cultures of discos in Chicago, but it is Ibiza where it reached the mainstream of clubbing. The massively popular Ushuaïa Ibiza landed at number 6, a spot it rightly deserved. Jets flying overhead landing at the airport, palm trees fluttering in the Balearic breeze, and lasers scintillating over the crowd make Ushuaïa an experience unlike any other.

Is your favorite club on the list? Perhaps you think they missed one? Check it out on DJ Mag today.