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Ex Avicii manager Ash Pournouri announces brand new talent search platform

Avicii‘s former manager Ash Pournouri has certainly had an impressive career, not only being a massive driving force behind Avicii’s success, but with building his management agency At Night Management. Following the retirement of his shining star Avicii, Ash Pournouri’s next move has just been revealed.

His next project comes in the form of a multi-platform music talent search, which is based on public opinion. ‘Self Made‘ allows upcoming artists to upload performance videos in order to build a following, as members of the public are able to share their opinions on the individuals. After six weeks passes, the 21 artists who prove the most popular go through to the ‘development phase’, which grants them online coaching from professionals. The top 12 will go forward to perform both studio and live sessions in Stockholm with highlights set to be shown on Swedish TV network Kanal 5.

The overall winner of the contest will enter into a 50-50 record deal with Ash Pournouri’s own label ‘PRMD‘, and will win $25,000 prize money. When speaking with Billboard, this is what Pournouri had to say about his latest enterprise ‘Self Made’:

“We’re giving all the power to people because that’s exactly how it is in real life. Self Made mirrors the realities of the current ecosystem. In today’s world, to get signed with a big commitment from a label or a booking agency, you have to promote yourself. No one will give you a big check unless you have proven that you can connect with an audience”

H/T: Billboard

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