Fehrplay announces label launch accompanied by new 3-track EP

The name Fehrplay has almost become synonymous with spine-tingling, genre-defying, melodic masterpieces; and for those of whom are not familiar with the brilliant Norweigan talent yet, well… now might be the time to become acquainted. First brought into fame under the wings of the one and only Eric Prydz, the world-renowned producer went on to have hallmark releases on Pryda, Mau5trap, Axtone, and Armada to name a few, and has now transpired to launch his own imprint, Mood of Mind.

Having crossed over into a league of the most elite and respectable producers in the modern-day era of dance music, Fehrplay continues to stun the world with his progressive brilliance and musical prowess; and once again, his latest endeavors continue to attest to this.

Accompanied by a stunning 3-track EP, the launch of Mood of Mind has been very well received by fans. The title track of the EP, ‘Skarven’, resonates the classic Fehrplay sound, effortlessly fusing euphoric melodies and a killer bassline into one massive release. The second track, ‘Fortan’, turns things down a notch and leads on to become a deep, dark afterhours anthem, while the finale track ‘Sheeta’ introduces an ambient soundscape into the mix, all-in-all proving once again that Fehrplay is capable of anything in the studio.

The ‘Skarven’ EP will be released on Mood of Mind this Friday on the 10th of March. In the meantime, be sure to indulge yourself with the official previews below.