Premiere: Florian Picasso releases his giveaway EP titled ‘X’ in exclusive interview

For an artist who had his breakthrough release some 2 years back, Florian Picasso has stood out for his consistency in delivering quality music and a unique sound – two fairly achievable aspects which remain the zenith that all aspiring artists aim to reach. With the release of ‘Origami’ on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings, Florian gradually shifted from releasing music on the likes of Cr2, Scorpio, Toolroom Records to the crème de la crème of labels such as Dim Mak, Maxximize and more recently Martin Garrix’ STMPD Records and Spinnin’ Records. But his commitment to his unique sound remains a feather in his cap. From the Tech House groove in his 2011 release ‘How To Sing’ on Toolroom to his recent 2016 track ‘Vanguard’ on Dim Mak, what remains constant is his ability to innovate so tirelessly that he escapes any type of pigeonholing when it comes to genres. And that is essentially a enviable quality to posses in today’s industry. Keen listeners would do well to notice that Picasso hasn’t been one to shy away when it comes to giving away tracks for free – he has given away 6 tracks as free downloads since 2013 alone.

Keeping in that tradition, here is a bonanza of sorts from the Frenchman as he releases a 4-track EP titled ‘X’. Featuring the likes of Dutchmen Blinders, Loopers, Frenchman Tom Tyger, Nygma, and Japanese producer Raiden. The EP is essentially overflowing with Electro sound structures with each track presenting a novelty in terms of perspective. If the EP kicks off with the upbeat and thumping chords of ‘Genesis’ as Picasso collaborates with Blinders, there is him simmering down the EP along with Nygma on the third track of the EP ‘We Don’t Want No’. While ‘Suwave’ showcases Picasso and Loopers bring back the Block Rockin’ Beats of years bygone with an Electro twist, the EP ends with a grand collaboration between Picasso, Tom Tyger and Raiden in the shape of ‘Vindaloo Bounce’ – a track which gets you shuffling your head from left to right despite it’s euphoric break. All in all, as far as EPs go, Picasso’s ‘X’ is hardly going to see any competition in terms of freebies because you don’t get such top notch music at the end of click. Check out the EP here!

We also took the opportunity to sit down with the man behind the gift himself for an exclusive interview, transcript below:

Your latest EP features four tracks, which are all collaborations. Is there a particular reason why you decided to release only collaborations and no single solo productions on the EP?

It was the right time to do something with my friends and since I have an hectic release schedule it was a good way to do it right before Miami so that the ‘homies’ can support the EP during the music week.

What does this EP mean to you and for how long have you been working on it?

This EP means a lot since I’ve picked very talented producers and friends to work on it. I had tracks that were over a year old but I was like “Hey guys what about you do your own stuff on it and we finish it together?” And it all happened.

You have collaborated a few times with Tom Tyger now including “Vindaloo Bounce”. Is there a special bond between you guys?

Tom is one of the french underdogs and there’s a lack of support between french djs that’s why I want to push him, also we go way back maybe since 2009 actually!

Ever since you collaborated with Martin Garrix on “Make Up Your Mind” there have been some expectations of what will come afterwards. Do you find yourself being put under pressure sometimes and if yes, how do you deal with it?

No pressure at all, only challenges to be honest!

How has your career changed since you first signed with Spinnin Records?

I thank them for letting me putting the music that I like and express myself artistically. It’s great to be open about stuff.

What are you looking most forward to in 2017 and what can your fans expect from you this year?

More music, more shows and more crazy collaborations!

The EP is live and available for a quick download through Spinnin’ Record’s very own website here.

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