Freaks’n’Beatz releases debut track ‘Shadows’ along with an exclusive interview

For an artist to form an alter-ego as his performing persona is nothing unusual today. Arguably, it has become quite a norm, rather than an exception, to have a fan base that is recognized by and around the image of the artist as an alter-ego. Aiming at exactly that, L.A. based Dubstep producer Freaks’n’Beatz is looking to create a firmly knit community – called the Freaks army – around himself. Aiming to emulate the success of his idols, Freaks’n’Beatz’ is never uncertain to claim that he aims high enough to make his career as stellar as that of Afrojack and Skrillex. Dedicated to the mainstream yet out of it, one can’t help but notice all the idiosyncrasies that his alter-ego carries. This in turn makes him even more interesting to grasp as an artist. Regardless, Freaks’n’Beatz’ lets the music do the talking and shows great promise in his debut release titled ‘Shadows’.

‘Shadows’ begins with a sense of darkness as detailed trap-beats chime in with an uncertain mood. This intention is further made clear by the haunting keyboard work that Freaks’n’Beatz puts together. The overall atmosphere, the very build-up and anticipation of this track, is a piece of top-drawer production from the L.A. based dubstep producer. Not one to take any prisoners in his track’s breaks, Freaks’n’Beatz is successful in maintaining a pitch perfect atmosphere throughout what looks to be a promising debut single from the upcoming producer. If this initial release from Freaks’n’Beatz is anything to be trusted, the blueprint for success of his project looks more certain than he himself may have thought. Assured to get you absorbed within, ‘Shadows’ is a worthy debut release from Freaks’n’Beatz to kick off his career with.

The track is available for a quick purchase through iTunes here.

We also took the opportunity to sit down with the adept dubstep producer to get an insight into his ‘Freaky’ world and to understand what makes his alter-ego so very interesting. Enjoy the exclusive interview below.

Tell us about the origin of your music. How did you discover your sound?

My music originates from my emotions. My unique sound is a combination of 3 genres of music, Dub-step, Trap and Bass House and I am always focused on achieving the highest quality of sounds and melodies in my tracks.

You’ve just released your debut single ‘Shadows’. Could you tell us more about how the idea for the track came to life?

The idea for Shadows came to me while I was listening to Dub-step, Trap and Bass House. I decided these sounds needed to be more epic, more like cinema. I decided then, I wanted to create a track with epic moments that were slightly scary with a powerful drop.

With dance music as a whole as large as it’s ever been, what are your views on the impact and prospects your generation has had to date?

Today, dance music has grown so large there are a lot of DJs and Producers on the scene. The music listeners can find a lot of new tracks every minute of every day. This impacts my generation of DJs because you have to create a unique project to distinguish yourself from the masses. Of course, if you produce good music and you create a successful brand, your prospects for gaining fans are greater with the larger fan base of today.

Have there been times when you felt like you’ve run out of ideas/directions to go in with a particular sound? If so, how have you dealt with it in the past?

If I feel like I’ve run out of ideas with a particular sound I am working with, I walk away from that track and take a break. I play a different type of music to change my focus. After that, I go back to the track I was working on and try to play with a different sound in the same track.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

I draw inspiration from artists such as Afrojack, Skrillex and Noisia because their sounds are massive, powerful and mainstream. This music is very energetic.  I can feel the energy and I can see how people enjoy it.

What are some of your plans for 2017? Any upcoming collaborations, follow-ups, etc?

In early April, I will release my next track.  We currently have a lot of invitations to book future shows and once we are booked, our calendar will be updated on our website. In addition, we are having conversations about collaborations with a couple of singers but we are not ready to release the names yet. I am still growing my freaks army, which is my independent record label.

What advice would you give to your fans who are also aspiring producers?

The advice I would give to my fans who are aspiring producers is to never try to copy someone else’s work. Never try to be like someone else. You are unique and only you can build your career and your life. Freaks Army is like a big house with open doors. I try to be a friend to my fans who are already a part of the Freaks family.

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