Gale – Goodbye (feat. KatMarsh)

Dynamic Duo Gale have teamed up with KatMarsh, a vocalist hailing from the United Kingdom, to produce an enticing track entitled ‘Goodbye’. This is the first single from the duo as both producers have previously been solo producers. The group consists of Alessandro Gemelli and Jason Rooney. Earlier on in his career, Gemelli bagged some releases with major dance music labels such as Revealed and Armada which Gemelli boasts professional quality with his productions. Jason Rooney has produced music for pop stars such as Kelly Rowland, Jason Derulo and Taio Cruz, giving him an excellent portfolio in the production industry.

‘Goodbye’ is an uplifting and upbeat track that slides into the future bass genre. What makes this track really unique is that within the drop, there are perfectly pitched vocal chops in the drop, separating itself from the generic stereotypical future bass sound. On top of this are KatMarsh’s vocals in the break and build up of the track. This gives the track real strength and clarity. Gemelli and Rooney started this project as they were bored by the “same waves of sounds” coming out of the scene at the moment and so far have proven to be very innovative with ‘Goodbye’

Check out ‘Goodbye’ now in the link below: