Gryffin & Illenium – Feel Good (feat. Daya)

Over the past year, electronic music has seen a massive increase in melodic beats coming to the forefront of tracks. Two of the rising stars in the genre, Gryffin and Illenium, have teamed together to bring us one of the year’s most successful tracks so far, ‘Feel Good.

While their names are still gaining recognition, their music has garnered millions of plays on Soundcloud and Spotify. Gryffin’s releases like ‘Whole Heart’ and his ‘Clearest Blue’ remix bring together his impeccable musicianship with smooth vocals and hitting beats. Illenium’s releases have placed him firmly along the melodic dubstep elites. His ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ remix is still featured in The Chainsmokers’ sets and his ‘Ashes’ album wonderfully blends soothing lyrics with gradually building beats that transport you to another place.

‘Feel Good’ continues to build upon their incredible solo careers and brings together their unique talents into a record. Opening with Gryffin’s signature guitar strumming, the track steadily builds alongside Daya‘s emotional vocals. Her voice steers the track towards the Illenium-influenced percussion drop that lifts the record to another level. Feel Good’ is the perfect track as the weather starts to shift toward the spring and summer as it sets a vibe that few other can match.

The joining of Gryffin and Illenium was something that fans could only hope for in their minds. When the two took to social media on Monday to announce their collaboration, their followers could not be more excited, ourselves included. Feel Good’ lives up to the hype in every way. Their two unique styles, plus Daya’s emotional performance, creates a track that only gets better.