Skrillex emerges as producer for entire upcoming Incubus album

Incubus are world-renowned American Rock band. With over 23 million album sales from their career to date, their eighth album was met with eager interest by their loyal fan base, and music followers.

Surprising many by announcing their collaborative effort with none other than Skrillex was to be featured on the LP, it appears the dance music headliner contributed far more than just one track.  Reflective of the evolution towards dance music producers as the trend setters and sound leader, as opposed to purely Hip-Hop and Pop ones, the continuing hybridisation of genre’s has led to combination of styles and names that wouldn’t have been dreamed of 10 years ago.

Co-producing and mixing the album in its entirety, Skrillex acted as a founding pillar for Incubus’ latest musical direction. Revealed through an interview on Apple Music’s Beats 1, the bands vocalist and leader, Brandon Boyd gave insight into the reputed DJ/Producer artistic involvement.

While putting his hand on the track “Familiar Faces”, Incubus then brought on the trend-setting ear of Skrillex to give creative input and re-imagination to the remaining pieces on the track-listing.

“We kind of, in a very organic way thought, ‘Hey, maybe we should address a couple of other songs that could use some changing in some way.’ We just had no idea. We ended up just going through the entire album.”

While unintentional, the broad appeal of Sonny’s musical style and capabilities has led to him becoming one of the most influential and respected members from the dance music genre, and music in general. In turn, making us eager to see who else he teams up with in the future, and what fruits the work goes on to reap!

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