Justice Gives Insight On Ultra Set & Being An “Outsider”

Only five days removed from Justice shutting down Ultra’s live stage on Sunday, the French duo looks to continue its resurgence into the music scene throughout the rest of 2017. Justice was easily one of the most anticipated acts at this year’s edition of Ultra Music Festival and there has been heavy debate from fans over which closing performance took the crown from the weekend. Billboard was fortunate enough to briefly speak with them prior to their live stage set.

It was their first time bringing The Church tour to American soil so to start at one of the nation’s premier festivals, Justice sought to bring innovation in their new performance. De Rosnay told Billboard,

“We always feel a little bit like the outsider in Ultra, which is great, and that’s the reason we play Ultra on every tour.”

They know that people who come from all points of the globe are not your average music listeners and are seeking a once in a lifetime performance. In combining both originals and remakes of the Justice discography in their set, they are able to develop a narrative in which they are redefining what it means to play a live show. They are fighting an uphill battle against the commercial music scene which is something on the other end of the spectrum.

The music world is excited to see what Justice can bring next to their live shows as they move on to the Coachella stage in April and progress on a festival tour throughout the upcoming summer.

You can listen to Justice’s Ultra 2017 set here.

Jordan Streetzel