Mark Knight

Mark Knight to diversify portfolio with band project ‘Black Zeus’

Label boss, Mark Knight has just announced his plans regarding a new band project titled, ‘Black Zeus’. Speaking to DJ Mag in a recent live-stream interview, the Toolroom Records founder says he’s been working on this project for over six years.

“It’s a band project, it’s something I did off the back of working with Underworld, because I helped to produce their last album and I worked with Faithless producing music for them.”

Mark went on to talk about how performing live has always been one of his aspirations and how the sound of Black Zeus has drawn inspiration from the likes of the Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy.

“I think you have a bucket list of things you want to do in your career and I always wanted to do something I could perform at Glastonbury, that was always something I’ve aspired to. I suppose if you had to draw a parallel it’s something between Underworld and the Chems (Chemical Brothers) and Prod (Prodigy), all mixed up, and me, all whacked in together, so it’s very different and I’m really excited to hear what people think of it.”

“We’re gonna turn it into a live show and there’s lots of different ways we’re thinking of launching it into the marketplace, I don’t think we’re gonna take a conventional route, I want to do something that’s very progressive and forward-thinking, and not your standard approach like let’s write some radio records, it’s an experience as an album.”

So far we have no news as to who the other band members could be and what exact role Mark Knight is going to play in Black Zeus. For now, he promises the band project performances to be “big and theatrical”.

Check out the full interview below via DJ Mag, where Knight talks about his record label, tour and more.

Source: DJ Mag