Markus Schulz presents Dakota feat. Koen Groenvald – Mota Mota

With his first release under the moniker since 2015, Markus Schulz is bringing back his Dakota alter-ego in full for in 2017. His latest track, partnering with Dutch techno legend Koen Groenvald, ‘Mota Mota’ resurrects the dark vibes that are associated with Dakota and packs them into an impressive track.

Schulz has used Dakota in the past to explore some of the darker sides of electronic music, stating:

“To me the audio that Dakota presents and the music which I put out under my own name stand totally apart. It’s an entirely separate set of tempo, sound-ranges and FX rules. To have this studio ‘other self’ with which to produce this type of music is more important to me than ever.”

‘Mota Mota’ is a perfect example of Schulz’s goal. Opening with a hi-hat to set the rhythm and building with snares and haunting synth work, the track progresses to its deep beat and pounding horns. Groenvald’s influence on the track stands out, lending the heavy techno beats that we can expect. Fans of the underground sound have a treat on their hands with this new track.

‘Mota Mota,’ the latest from Markus Schulz’s Dakota project, is available now. Keep an eye out for his new album ‘The Nine Skies’ coming out later this year as well.