Martin Garrix feat. Dua Lipa – Scared To Be Lonely (Remixes) [Vol. 1]

Martin Garrix‘s Scared To Be Lonely is arguably one of the prodigy’s biggest releases to date and to celebrate that, a remix package has surfaced. Remixes from some of the brightest in the EDM scene give new life to the track and the package’s diverse nature ensures an offering to every type of listener. DubVision, Brooks, Alpha Rock, Julien Earle, Zonderling and Funkin Matt were the selected few tasked with the remix duties. Needless to say, they did not disappoint.

Let’s start off with Zonderling’s take on the track. The Dutch duo are known for their insanely good sound design and unique melodies; Zonderling used their strengths to add a groovy touch to the original. Dua Lipa’s stellar vocals do most of the work in the verse and Zonderling proceed to deliver an addictive drop. Listen below.

Next up we have none other than DubVision. Possibly the biggest name on the list and the second Dutch duo working this record, DV have yet again outdone themselves. The dance music veterans gave it an ideal & classic progressive house touch that is both festival and radio ready.

Julien Earle. Haven’t heard of him? He’s a 17-year-old making multi-instrument-based electronic music. The prodigy graces the original with an eclectic house version perfect for roadtrips and after hours at the club. We have a sneaky feeling that we’re going to hear a lot more from Julien.

Funkin Matt stepped up to the plate with a proper tech house oriented remix. The remix packs solid grooves and roof raising material with its catchy bass stabs and subtle melodies. A fan favourite for sure. Alpharock‘s remix did not disappoint either, taking on a truly unique direction with a drum n’ bass remix that’s upped the tempo of the original. The result is a highly uplifting version of Scared To Be Lonely that’s bound to get you moving.

Last but certainly not least, we have future house prodigy Brooks. Brooks has been quickly climbing up the ladder over the last few months and this remix is only going to take him higher. The Dutchman keeps things relatively simple in the verses with just Dua Lipa’s vocals and some powerful atmosphere; the choruses then drop heavily with funky synths and festival fit melodies.

Scared To Be Lonely is going to receive a second wave of remixes; this is only part one of the package. We’ll keep you in the loop.