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Mat Zo reveals thoughts on trance music as ‘healer’

Mat Zo has continuously shown his creativity and versatility in music production. Throughout his career, the Grammy-nominated British artist has tapped into an eclectic selection of genres from drum and bass to dubstep. Mat Zo has also produced tracks that fall under the trance category, which he considers a ‘healer’ according to some of his recent posts on Twitter.

Trance music is one of the biggest sub-genres within dance music that truly captivates and uplifts the mind and soul of each listener. It is one of the few genres that would instantly bring out goosebumps and provide an auditory experience to remember.

In a recent thread of tweets, Mat Zo unveiled his thoughts regarding one of dance music’s classical styles and why he decided to produce trance music. He stated that he is in a “better place” because of trance and that it has a “euphoric healing quality” that attracts “emotional[ly] damaged people”.

Check out the series of tweets below.

H/T: YourEDM