Ms. Unicorn feat. ZEÜS – Open Your Eyes

Ms. Unicorn resumes her ongoing rise to stardom with another astonishing production. This time, she returns to the style of house music and releases her captivating track titled “Open Your Eyes”, featuring upcoming artist ZEÜS.

Coming from the beautiful New York City, Ms. Unicorn has successfully established herself to be one of the industry’s brightest and finest talents. Influenced and inspired by the likes of Don Diablo, EDX, and Tchami, the American producer has tapped into various sub-genres of electronic dance music, from deep house to future house.

With her impressive set of releases, Ms. Unicorn has garnered the support of fans from across the globe. Having much-praised originals “The Darkest Part of Me”, “Lovestruck”, and “Shooting Stars” under her name, Ms. Unicorn has clearly set herself up to rapidly climb up the higher ranks of this business.

Displaying her prowess once again, Ms. Unicorn has released her brand new single called “Open Your Eyes” and the results are undeniably prodigious. Opening up with a lovely melodic sequence, the track instantly captures the audience’s attention, especially with the addition of the striking vocals. With its mesmerizing synths and deep basslines, “Open Your Eyes” also delivers quite a riveting experience, along with a chill vibe that soothes any listener from start to finish.

The track is out now for a free download here.