Phillip Maizza – Together

Another brilliant music producer from Italy named Phillip Maizza is set to make long strides in this industry. Showcasing his undeniable talents to the world, the Puglia native recently released his brand new single titled “Together”.

Over the past few years, Phillip Maizza has been focusing with his work inside the studio, honing his skills, and delivering high-quality content to listeners around the world. His impressive discography can certainly speak for itself, especially now with the addition of his latest track.

Throughout his career, Phillip Maizza has released some outstanding productions. Most notably, he has caught the audience’s attention with his big room remix of Christina Walls’ “Ready 4 It” and his original track called “Torque”. Switching to the progressive house side of electronic music, Phillip Maizza also dropped his astonishing tune “Sunrays” last year.

After months of keeping himself busy in the studio, Phillip Maizza dropped his groovy new record called “Together”. The track possesses a mesmerizing sequence of plucks, heavy synths, and vocal chops that all transition into the monstrous drop. With its high-octane energy and hard-hitting basslines, this production overall is more than suitable for any festival atmosphere. Thus, Phillip Maizza clearly deserves the spotlight for this thrilling roller-coaster-ride-of-a track in the form of “Together”.

You can grab a free download of the new single here.