Premiere: Funkerman ft. Enlery – Silhouet

Funkerman is undoubtedly one of the biggest household names within the house community. Born and raised in Breda, Netherlands, this highly innovative producer possesses the skills to deliver unique and original content while blending experimental sounds. With his creativity, versatility, and great knowledge in music production, he has successfully gained a reputation as one of the industry’s most respected artists.

Throughout his career, Funkerman has released several gems, from his internationally acclaimed “Speed Up” to his incredible remix of Re-United’s “Sun Is Shining”. His portfolio has been nothing short of outstanding over the past few years, proved by the success he has achieved through his music. In addition, the Dutch mastermind has also collaborated with some of the top names in the business, including Fedde Le Grand, Faithless, Hardwell, and many more.

Returning with another brilliant and soulful house production, Funkerman returns to his very own Flamingo Recordings to release his brand new single titled “Silhouet“. Consistently from start to finish, the track delivers a vast amount of intense energy with its driving underground sounds. With a seamless mix of on-point vocals by Enlery and heart-pumping basslines, this tune is more than capable of lighting up any dance floor around the world.

“Silhouet” is out now on Flamingo Recordings and you can check out our premiere of the track below and grab your copy here.

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