Premiere: Mesto – Step Up Your Game

One of the youngest and brightest producers in the business has returned with another brilliant track. Mesto, who has rapidly been gaining prominence since entering the dance music scene, has recently released his brand new single titled “Step Up Your Game“, which is now available via Spinnin’ Premium.

Since entering the industry, Mesto has been on an ongoing path toward tremendous success. His portfolio speaks for itself, especially with his remarkable releases on Spinnin’ Records such as “Bouncybob” with Martin Garrix and Justin Mylo and “Chatterbox” alongside Fox Stevenson.

With these impressive releases, the Amsterdam native has earned nothing but the praise of numerous fans from across the globe and has gained the momentum he needs in order to further his career toward stardom. Continuing his road to success, Mesto has dropped his striking drum and bass tune called “Step Up Your Game”.

Featuring a well-designed blend of catchy synths and captivating vocal progressions, this new track is quite lovely to hear from beginning to end. The underlying melodies and the unique percussion also mix flawlessly within the instrumentals. As the drop commences, a surge of energy is delivered from the catchy drum and bass sequence that would be suitable for any dance music event around the world.

We sat down with Mesto to discuss his latest release, future plans and more, read the interview below:

You took a quiet different approach on you latest single “Step Up Your Game”. Tell us a bit more about your view on genre boundaries and your specific idea behind this track.

That’s true! With this track I wanted to prove to the world that I can do more, that’s why I called it ‘Step Up Your Game’. I really challenged myself with this one and I hope that people will hear that as well.

Is Drum ‘n’ Bass something you see yourself produce more often in the future?

Who knows! For now I’m not focusing on just one genre. I’m just messin’ around in the studio and trying out new things. But I also have a lot of club tracks finished which will be released very soon too! 🙂

In what particular field do you want to develop yourself the most in the future?

My biggest goal for now is to make people happy with my music and get the chance to travel the world to play my music for all different countries. I’m working really hard to achieve that, and hopefully I will do more shows around the globe soon!

Since you’ve collaborated with Martin Garrix, there have been some expectations of what will come afterwards. Do you find yourself being put under pressure sometimes and if yes, how do you deal with it?

Of course it brings a bit of pressure, but I think that’s good. I have all the freedom to make the music I like, and with that said, I can really let my creativity go in the studio. I don’t think about what I’m going to make when I start making a track. I just begin making some chords, and whatever happens next depends on what I think of that moment!

What can we expect from you in 2017? Where do you see yourself by the end of the year?

I have lots of new tracks, and also a few collaborations coming. After ‘Step Up Your Game’ I will release my new collab with Curbi. It was very fun to work with him, we started last year at ADE to work on some music and it went really well. I also have a remix coming for DVBBS & CMC$, and some solo releases too!

Also, we confirmed a few crazy festivals for this year. I can’t tell much about it yet, but it’s going to be epic!

“Step Up Your Game” is out now on Spinnin’ Premium here.