Sismo – We Crash and Burn

An international music collaboration named Sismo has recently released a dynamic new track titled “We Crash and Burn”.

Led by French songwriter and guitarist Xavier Cevrin, Sismo also consist of Tiffany Fred, a Los-Angeles-based songwriter and singer who has worked with the likes of Zendaya, Jason Derulo, and Jennifer Hudson. The project also features Kilah, which is a young production duo of Lorena Cabral and Roger Flores active in the scene in Mexico and Florida.

Collectively, these highly talented artists produce the deep house anthem called “We Crash and Burn”. The track not only includes the composition of Cevrin, but also presents the sound from Kilah. Playing alongside the mesmerizing instrumentals is also Fred’s astounding vocal performance.

“We Crash and Burn” also possesses a brilliant combination of uplifting melodies and synths and some heavy-hitting basslines and trap beats. With its pop-inspired elements and superb electronic sounds, this tune can certainly dominate either through the radio airwaves or on the main stage of any music festival across the globe. Overall, with its blissful vibes and top-notch production quality, this track is an absolute must-hear for any music fan.

Sismo’s “We Crash and Burn” is out now via Belgium-based label Gun Records and you can download the track on iTunes here.