Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 201 Guestmix – Sam Feldt & Hook N Sling

After celebrating their Spinnin’ Sessions’ 200th episode last week, the folks at Spinnin’ Records are back yet again with another stellar collection of the best of now and coming music. Already into the 11th episode of the show for 2017 -featuring the likes of Nari & Milani, Will Sparks, Alok, Throttle, Tujamo, Oliver Heldens, Fox Stevenson, Dante Klein and CMC$ – it was always going to be a certain challenge for the Spinnin’ Records camp to invite any one artist to highlight their 200 episodes celebrations. That challenge was also solved brilliantly by featuring 20 or so tracks which were all selected by fans through their comments on Spinnin’ Records’ Facebook page. You can check out the 200th episode’s premiere here.

Now that the celebrations were over and the week coming to a close, the question on everybody’s mind was regarding this week’s Guestmix. And in the traditiong of featuring top notch artists from their roster, Spinnin’ Records chose Sam Feldt and Hook N Sling to take their place behind the decks for Spinnin’ Sessions’ 201st episode. The duo had recently collaborated on their track ‘Open Your Eyes‘ which was released on Spinnin’ Records and is available for a quick purchase here. But before we got to hear from the guests themselves, the first hour of the mix featured the best of what is there and what is to come for listeners world over.

This week’s mix featured music from the likes of Watermat, Lucas & Steve along with Pep & Rash, Breathe Carolina, Ape Drums, Buku, and saw Anna Lunoe collaborating with Sleepy Tom for their track ‘Stay Awake’. This week’s Spotify feature was Loud Luxury’s collaboration with Ryan Sheperd titled ‘Something To Say‘. The week’s mix also saw American producer In5omnia pip other Spinnin’ Talentpool participants to win the feature with his track ‘Scape‘.

We sat down for an interview with Sam Feldt & Hook N Sling to discuss their latest collaboration and future plans, check out the interview below:

You guys have a brilliant new single together out now called ‘Open Your Eyes’, which is sure to be a massive summer hit. What sparked the interest between you two to collaborate with each other and what were the inspirations behind the track?

Sam: I’ve always been a big fan of Hook N Sling’s music, and when he sent me the idea for the song I immediately loved it. We worked on it by sending the project files and stems back and forth and after a few weeks, Open Your Eyes was born.

Hook N Sling: Yeah, the track turned out amazing! so the initial sketch for the song had this undeniable summer feel, so it was perfect fit for Sam.. he knows that sound so well. And yeah, after going back and forth on it we finished it just in time for summer!

You guys are both established producers but have been known for coming from different production styles previously. What was it like taking on a project together? What kind of challenges did you face?

Sam: That’s true, but it actually makes collaborating a lot more interesting if you come from different genres. For example, Hook has been making progressive house music for a long time so he has more experience in making the drop sound fat and club-friendly. My songs are more radio oriented so that’s where I came in in the production process.

Hook N Sling: I’ve always thought that good music is good music. And that’s the way I approach all of my records. There are sounds in this record that I wouldn’t have thought of and vice versa for Sam, but they all work together. The song was always the number 1 priority.

Sam, Your journey as a producer has been nothing but stunning, having achieved international success in such a short time. How did it feel, charting your first hit, and how did it affect every work of yours afterwards?

As a producer, you are always learning and every song you release has an effect on the tracks you do after it (and your style in general). The success of Show Me Love came as a surprise to me so it was quite a roller coaster ride for me!

Anthony, your recent collaboration with Galantis last year “Love On Me” broke charts and appears to be one of your most popular singles to date with tens of millions of streams. What was it like working with Galantis? Has the massive success of the track put more pressure on your with future productions in terms of quality?

Working with Galantis was a huge learning curve for me as a producer. Christian and Linus threw ideas into the mix that I didn’t see coming… It was amazing, and yeah, having a record out there that done over 100 Million streams makes you wan tto keep that going.

Based on how ‘Open Your Eyes’ is doing so far, we can see it’s going to be one of the hallmark tracks of this year. Do you guys have more collaborations in the pipeline? Maybe a follow-up to the track? Would love to hear more between you two!

Sam: Definitely working on a lot of new music! I have a double-cd album coming up end of the summer with some huge collaborations with singers and producers, so stay tuned for that!

Hook N Sling: At this stage, nothing planned but you never know! I’m really looking forward to playing with Sam at his pool party in Miami in a few weeks.

Sam, You’ve became one of the Spinnin’ Records’ biggest artists, can reveal us some of your future plans? You’re already curating a huge fanbase around your style with ‘Heartfeldt Radio’. Can we see your own imprint in the horizon?

Yes! In the future I definitely want to start my own label so I can support the talent I spot on an every day basis even more. Also, I’m launching a merchandise line for Heartfeldt soon, which is going to be really cool!

Anthony, Looking at your productions throughout the years, “Magnet”, “Don’t You Know”, “Reason” and now your recent ones, they have changed a lot – where do you see your sound expanding and evolving to next?

Like I was saying before, good music has always been number one for me. And yeah, my influences constantly change, but I like to think my style of songwriting is still consistant. I’m taking a break from remixing for a little while, so look out for lots of new Hook N Sling music in 2017!

All in all, a great mix yet again from the world famous record label, the mix is available below for streaming.

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