KSHMR Materia

Splice launches second instalment of KSHMR’s renowned production tips

In his somewhat short career in the dance scene as KSHMR, the talented producer has played a major role in shaping the industry to what it is today. Since his move away from The Cataracs, he has dominated the charts in such a monumental way that he has now become a regular feature on mainstages at the world’s biggest festivals. His latest expedition, “Lessons of KSHMR” is aimed at providing in-depth tutorials and discussions about some of the areas of production that bedroom producers struggle with.

The “Lessons of KSHMR” is a production series in collaboration with Splice, one of the world’s largest production oriented hubs. KSHMR previously teamed up with the company to release some of his essential sample sounds, as well as explain the technical aspects of making a powerful drop. But this tutorial series trumps all expectations, as KSHMR explains in detail how he mixes vocals, perfects his snare drums, and uses ethnic and orchestral instrumentals – all areas that lack clear, detailed analysis on online tutorials, as they often require a high amount of skill and knowledge.

No matter what stage you are in your production career, Lessons of KSHMR will provide you with a tonne of value. It’s not everyday that producers of this calibre give away resources like this, so make sure you head over and check it out. You can stream the tutorials either on Splice’s official website or YouTube.