Styline – High as Hell

The mastermind behind the distinctive Power House sound is back with a G-House-inspired track. Styline, who has rapidly become one of the industry’s premier music producers, has taken his talents to Gregori Klosman’s GURU Recordings to drop his brand new single titled “High as Hell”.

Following a spectacular 2016 campaign, Styline looks to up the ante this year and continue his rise as an artist. With dominant tracks under labels such as Armada Deep, Sosumi Records, and Spinnin’ Records, the German producer’s career has seen nothing but success and this impressive streak should only advance with the release of this groovy club banger.

After tapping into various sub-genres such as future house, tech house, and psy-trance in the past, Styline displays his versatility once again by adding G-House elements into his latest record. Inspired by the likes of NuKid and Sharam Jey, Styline takes his production to entirely new heights in the form of the well-crafted “High as Hell”.

The track consists of Styline’s signature Power House sounds that perfectly complement the catchy and hard-hitting basslines. The vocals add an extra dimension and boost of energy to the already lively production, topped with some fitting elements like gun reloads and shots. Overall, with its club vibes and driving force, “High as Hell” is more than suitable for any rave environment and is set to dominate the scene in the next few months.

“High as Hell” is out now on GURU Recordings and you can download a copy from Beatport here. In addition, check out an exclusive interview with Styline regarding his brand new track below.

“High As Hell” represents a new sound within the sphere of Power House, can you talk about exploring the new sound?

“High As Hell” came along with me dropping an extended amount of G-House in my sets. Those tracks from guys like NuKid, Sharam Jey and some of the Russian G-House guys have been working like crazy so I wanted to give it a shot as well. At the beginning the track was more like a test for myself to see if I could catch that particular G-sound in my productions.

What was the focal point you built the production around?

When coming up with the main bassline and idea, I found a really cool vocal which became the theme of the entire track. It’s pretty aggressive, but also gangster in a way, and that’s the entire signature of the track.

Can you highlight one aspect of the production that you think may be overlooked by a casual listen?

I tried to give the track some really cool elements, one of which is the gun reloading and shooting at the drop which gave “High As Hell” even more of this gangster vibe. I really wanted to take Power House in the gangster house direction and this definitely helps deliver that full on.

How’s the production changed after road testing by you?

We did a full remastering of the track after playing it out a few times and testing it mainly at my new residency at OPIVM in Bali. I felt like to catch the vibe properly the track needed to go more bass-y, and driving in the lower end. The percussion and highs were initially more in the Power House way, driving and slapping, but in this track I needed to push the low end more. That was a big change and I think it sounds way better now.

What does it mean to you to release on Guru Recordings?

I’m really excited it’s coming out on Guru and it fits the label very well. I know Gregori Klosman has been playing a lot of my Power House and we were talking about a collab for quite some time actually. I think it’s going to do really well!