Tim van Werd feat. Max Landry – Belong

Tim van Werd continues his rise toward stardom with the release of his brand new single titled “Belong” on Nicky Romero’s renowned record label Protocol Recordings.

Hailing from Gorinchem, Van Werd is currently one of the industry’s most versatile artists. With prior experience with various instruments such as drums, trumpet, and piano, this Dutch talent clearly possesses the skills to propel his musical journey to the next level.

Inspired by the legendary Fedde Le Grand, Van Werd gained a passion for dance music and thus pursued a career in this business. After starting off as a DJ, Van Werd accumulated immense success as a music producer, with releases on huge record labels such as Revealed Recordings, Fonk Recordings, and Big & Dirty Records under his belt.

Following up his highly supported single called “Bounce to This” on Darklight Recordings, Van Werd recently took his talents to Protocol Recordings to release his new production called “Belong”, which features vocals from American vocalist Max Landry. The track is also part of the ‘Nicky Romero presents Protocol Miami 2017‘ compilation.

Consisting of a heavy dose of mesmerizing synth progressions and hard-hitting basslines, “Belong” is quite the treat to listen to from start to finish. The track delivers some uplifting vibes that are suitable for this upcoming Miami Music Week. Especially with the astounding melodic sequence blending impeccably with Max Landry’s voice, expect this tune to be heard at several dance events in the near future.

“Belong” is now available via Protocol Recordings and you can download/stream it here. You can also purchase the ‘Nicky Romero presents Protocol Miami 2017’ compilation here.