Tomorrowland cements place as a two-weekend event for long-term future

Where will you be on the last weekend of July 2033? Who knows, you could even find yourself at Tomorrowland. After announcing that this year’s event will take place over two weekends in July, the festival organizers ID&T have secured the rights to continuing running two weekends of Tomorrowland until 2033. Speaking to HLM, the city council for the small town of Boom, including the mayor Jeroen Baert, explained the massive benefits that the festival brings to his town:

Tomorrowland put our town on the world map.

“With two weekends we can give the chance more people from our community to the unique event Tomorrowland which is dealing with.

Despite both the economic and cultural benefits that the festival brings to Belgium, there have been some local residents who are unhappy about the new deal. To solve this issue, the contract includes a clause that means circumstances must be reviewed on a yearly basis based on security, mobility and safety. But provided all goes well, it looks like Tomorrowland is here to stay.