Wave Wave & Blinded Hearts – Repeat (feat. Richard Walters)

German Chill Trap/Future Bass producer Wave Wave, hailing from Hamburg, has teamed up with fellow German producer Blinded Hearts to produce a huge future bass anthem entitled ‘Repeat’. Collectively, they chose to put  UK vocalist Richard Walters on the track, giving it some more depth and emotion. This was a clever choice of vocalist, as Richard Walters predominantly sings folk and indie based songs. As this was an indie/folk vocalist coming into an electronic dance music track, Richard gives the track an “indie” presence to it, making it a great listen!

Back to the producers, Blinded Hearts has had a lot of support from large figures in the industry, such as Spinnin’ superstar Sam Feldt (having been featured on his personal radio show ‘Heartfeldt Radio’) and YouTube powerhouse Chill Nation, who are part of the same brand as Trap Nation and House Nation. With Wave Wave offering his future bass knowledge, this track shows exactly why the future bass genre is continually rising.

Kicking off the track with an indie inspired vocal and a simple piano chord sequence, ‘Repeat’ begins to add layers and slowly increases in energy, adding that bit more of anticipation. When it comes to the drop, sweet house chord stabs come into action alongside a future bass glitchy sound, giving it a brilliant dynamic.

‘Repeat’ was premiered by Chill Nation, which shows that the company sees big potential in the track, check it out now in the link below: