W&W debut trance alias NWYR with self-titled track alongside Armin van Buuren

During the beginning of 2017, W&W announced that they are soon unveiling their brand new alter ego named NWYR. Under this alias, the Dutch duo will heavily incorporate the trance genre into their music. To kick off their career under the moniker NWYR, the Breda natives have joined forces with fellow Dutchman Armin van Buuren to release a self-titled single.

Throughout their career, W&W have become renowned for not only their creativity, but also their versatility. Aside from their signature main stage and big room house sounds, they have also produced tracks that focus on other styles such as trap and progressive house.

Showing their dynamic side of music production once more, W&W return to the roots of trance under their new nickname NWYR. Being one of dance music’s most classical sub-genres, trance has clearly resurged within the scene especially during the past few years. With the establishment of NWYR, there is certainly hope for trance to climb toward the higher ranks again.

NWYR’s new track with Armin van Buuren reverts to the old-school trance elements that involves some mind-blowing atmospheric breaks, mesmerizing synth progressions, and heart-pumping beats. With these sounds combined, we can expect this record to dominate any future festivals and electronic music events around the world.

The official release date for the track is yet to be announced; however, you can check out a preview from Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 800 show below.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut