ZHU – Nightcrawler

In what is clearly a very bold statement, house producer ZHU has released his latest track “Nightcrawler” — a creepy, cult-like production, which has already caused quite a stir in the industry with the Chinese-American taking a swipe at some of the biggest names in EDM. A highly polished production, the final result of “Nightcrawler” is clearly a smooth effort that shows just how far the artist has progressed since his most-well known track, 2014’s “Faded.”

The track starts with tension, and dark vibes build as a sinister voice chimes in, “Blink once… Blink twice… Blink. Don’t forget.” The enigmatic producer maneuvers his chords in such a way that is typically artistic, and helps build the brooding mist the track is shrouded in. A storming piano melody, and dark accordion-led synths give the release a distinctively retro feel to a track that feels very 1980’s inspired.

A highly varied production compared to any other track doing the rounds in the dance world right now, Nightcrawler is a dark, haunting dance number that features demonic vocal samples, taking ZHU to perhaps the darkest place he’s been to date. Here lies a production that would not look out of place as the soundtrack to a particuarly ghostly film. The link for “Nightcrawler” is below, so check it out and let us know your thoughts on this latest ZHU masterpiece.

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