3LAU — On My Mind ft. Yeah Boy

3LAU takes listeners back to the 80’s on his glittering new track “On My Mind” featuring vocals from Yeah Boy. The song feels like a drive through palm-tree, sun-soaked Miami in the middle of the night. The chorus is simple stuttering repetition of “on my mind” and the break comes with crystalline synths and an 80s-esque bassline. The vocals aren’t just an accessory; they add to the structure of the song.

In an interview with Billboard Dance, 3LAU commented that the song is his favorite track he’s ever produced. “I wrote ‘On My Mind’ in Australia with a vocalist I found online. It took me two years, because I couldn’t get the bassline right.” He described his forthcoming album, on which “On My Mind” is featured, as exploring more of a deep house vibe than previous releases. His new dance music label, Blume, is the very first non-profit dance music label. He donates all proceeds from song and album sales to charity. “As an artist privileged to travel the world, it’s my responsibility to give back” he explained in the interview.

3LAU, real name Justin David Blau, expressed his excitement about playing festivals this summer. Citing Chicago as his favorite city, he is looking forward to taking the Lollapalooza mainstage this summer. With the summery sound of “On My Mind” the track is poised for summer festival season. Listen to “On My Mind” below: