Akker – Pull Out the Madness

Akker is currently one of the industry’s brightest upcoming producers fans should certainly look out for. Recently, this Italian artist has taken his talents to Red Lizard Records to release his brand new single titled “Pull Out the Madness”.

From the age of six, Akker began learning various musical instruments such as the classical guitar, the piano, and the drums. Being a multi-instrumentalist from such a young age, he gained recognition through international competitions and the prowess to advance himself within this business.

Akker then approached the realm of electronic music and first caught people’s attention with his first production called “Twilight” on Digital Complex Records. This time, he comes back stronger than ever with the mesmerizing new tune called “Pull Out the Madness”. Not only has the track entered the radio airwaves in Italy, it has also been included on ASCO’s Beatport chart named “INDIA eXperience”.

Consisting of some striking and catchy male vocals, this record instantly captures the audience’s attention. The track continues to build up until the monstrous bass house drop commences and delivers an insurmountable amount of energy and power. The sequence repeats, but with a more up-tempo climax to conclude the entire production. Overall, with its seamless mix of hard-hitting basslines and distorted synths, “Pull Out the Madness” possesses the sounds that make it worthy of any center stage.

Check out the track’s official preview below and you can download a copy from Beatport here.