Andy Sherman – Swagga

Diving into the business side of things, French producer Tchami released his record label Confession back in 2015 and since, has created a home to some of EDM’s top rising talents. The span of musical identities range from deep house, to electro, to bass and all in between; each one more than worthy of holding a spot on this independent monster. Amongst are artists like ANGELZ, Malaa, Dustycloud, and Tchami himself. The label thrives on its work being as organic as possible, and to be an outlet for those whose forward thinking motions might not fit today’s status quo.

Joining in on the releases is Confession’s newest artist Andy Sherman. On the scene since 2009, this once duo producer is taking a vast majority of the label’s recent limelight with his newest single “Swagga“. From start to finish the track includes the ideal amount of ingredients to introduce fans to Sherman’s latest take on EDM. A fun, poppy single equipped with tons of percussion work and contagious vocals. The tribal piece comes in just over 3 minutes, and really packs a punch in regards to energizing synth work and overall production maturity. The song is a stellar hit for Confession Records, and is sure to be something we will hear at festivals worldwide this upcoming season!

Take a listen to Andy Sherman’s “Swagga” below out now on Confession.

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